The American Primrose Society is run entirely by volunteers.  There are always opportunities to make new friends and serve the aims of the Society.

The President has the responsibility for forming committees whenever a need is determined.   Please contact the President ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you are interested in helping in any of the committees listed below.

Here is some of the work of the current committees of the APS:


The Editorial Committee

take direction from the Editor and the Technical Editor;

solicit contributions of articles to the Primroses quarterly;

proof-read draft articles;

check the final layout just before printing;

work with the Advertising Committee to place commercial notices appropriately;

find articles in the quarterly archives which may still be relevant and interesting.


The Website Committee

take direction from the Webmaster

review the APS website regularly to ensure links are up-to-date;

solicit or write new articles;

liaise with the quarterly editor to include the cover page and contents of the latest quarterly;

act as moderator of the Members' Forum;

work with the Advertising Committee to place commercial notices appropriately;

when required, seek ways to improve the website technically (e.g., incorporating 'PayPal').


Advertising Committee

take direction from the APS Treasurer in maintaining accounts and soliciting new accounts;

liaise with the Editor of the quarterly;

liaise with the Webmaster.


The Technical Committee

look for ways to improve communications at APS board meetings (The meetings are held mostly online via the APS chat service, but this method is seen by most board members to be rather awkward.)


The Membership Committee

take direction from the Membership Secretary and the Treasurer

look for ways to retain current members

find ways to increase membership

notify members of the renewal deadline

review the fee scale and make recommendations to the APS Board

send out the New Members Package

keep a list of all members to print in the quarterly

liaise with the Webmaster for user names and passwords [under review]

keep a list of members' user names and passwords for the website [under review]


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