Introduction to the Current Issue

 Vol 75, Issue No. 3 (Summer 2017)



The View from Here by The Editors.....3

Auricula Theatre in Japan by Koji Takenaka.....4

Why go to a Primrose Show? by Elizabeth Lawson, Ithaca, NY.....6

Primrose Roundtable by  Dorothy Swift.....9

2017 National Show Winners.....8

At the National Show, 2017 by Dean Wiegert.....12

Victoria Spring Show, VIRAGS by Maedythe Martin.....23

Simon Crawford Interview by Dean Wiegert.....24

In Lieu of Minutes.....25

Officers of the Chapters.....31


The View from Here by the Edtorial Group

Each year, the summer issue of the quarterly has a lot of show reports.  Why, you might ask?  First, it is a permanent record of what plants won at the National Show.  This historical record can be very useful if one looks back over the years. 

Second, the reports tell us what plants are currently being grown.  Fashions change over time, and also the grower’s interest and abilities change, so in one decade a particular plant may be grown, and in another decade, it is not to be found. The reports in the quarterly reflect this, but for those on social media, there is a more current and possibly wider scope on what is being grown in the US and around the world.

Many of the reports included here mention what a treat it was to talk to other Primula growers at the National Show.  There can be few chances in the spring to talk to likeminded people about your current interest.  E-mail correspondence and the exchange of pictures and thoughts may fill the gap throughout the year, but sometimes faceto-face chats are much more satisfactory.

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