How to use the Members' Forum

Welcome to the Members' Forum.  Anyone can read the postings in the Forum, but only members can submit entries.


Members, once you log in you can write directly to the Forum.  Click on the topic area.  You can respond to a previous posting or start a new one.  There are a variety of topics under the following headings: Growing and Propagating Primula, Primula in the Garden and in the Wild, Showing Primula, and "This and That", a category for posting information about shows, groups meetings, and other news of interest to primula enthusiasts.

If you have an interesting photo or a mystery primula which turns up in your garden, posting photos to the Forum has just become easier.  You can now upload pictures upto 3 MB.  Here's how...

At the bottom of the box for your comments, there is a symbol for an attachment.  When you click on this it will allow you to browse for the photo you wish to insert.  Since many digital cameras have a very high resolution, some pictures are more than the 3MB limit and you will need to 'shrink' them to fit.


How to Shrink a Photo and put into the Forum

1. Go to your picture library, select the picture, copy it and give it a new name.

2. Open the picture and right click on the picture.  This should give you a list of options. Open the options list.

3. Choose Paint. 

4. Choose resize the picture.  It is best to use the % option.  Try 25% to start.  Click ok. 

5. Save the picture. (You can always save the picture with a new name at this stage by using the drop-down menu in Paint.)

6. Back in the Forum, write your comments.

7. Under the text box, click on Add File.

8. Browse to find the re-sized picture and click insert.  You will see the attachment name in the text box.

7. Click on Submit and you will see if your picture has been successfully uploaded into the text box.


If you find that the picture looks too small, go back and try a larger percentage at step 3.  You can always edit your posting.



If you are not already an APS member, joining also entitles you to receive our quarterly journal Primroses, full of interesting articles for all kinds of Primula enthusiasts.  This alone is easily worth the modest membership fee, but don't forget that membership also entitles you to take part in our annual Seed Exchange.

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